Personal Standards

Everyone has their own sets of beliefs for different aspects of their lives. How they conduct their intimate affairs, their professional life as well as their social life. Different rules apply depending on the area of focus. And whatever standards people set for themselves should be respected as such, and the people around them exist peacefully.

I usually have one rule where standards are concerned: that everything about a person’s life is their choice and subject to opinions/ scrutiny,  EXCEPT, how they conduct their personal affairs. That leaves if they break any laws, infringe on any other human being’s rights and their professional conduct, they can be publicly held accountable. 

I could also say above all else, that if they broke the Laws of God as well, they are to give an account; but I have little wisdom and I am just like everyone else; ergo no room or justification to judge: so I don’t bother wasting my time judging.

But it then means that everything else about that person’s life can be viewed and some feedback generated/ opinion formed. Either way, as long as it not personal or a crime (both extremities), the individual may choose /not to value your opinion any at all. They may understand it and even entertain it, but you are being foolish to expect without fail, that they alter their standards at your say-so.

Which brings me to the crux of the matter: if your standards seem to make me feel anything like inferior or pressured, then I am not as secure as I thought and I have placed an unnecessarily great amount of power in your hands over my emotions and how I feel about myself. Most importantly; this has nothing to do with you either. You exist peacefully with your standards but for some reason, they make ME feel insecure; that is not something you can change. I have to be conscious of myself, everything there is to know about me I should know; change what I can and accept what I can’t change. IT’S ALL ME. You are just the trigger/fuse that illicits the response I give; but it’s all me.

In short, we must choose our reasons to be selfish carefully. Be so selfish; you are conscious of you, what is happening around you and what reaction keeps you real with you.  Be so unselfish also , that you focus on what really matters at the end of the day, how you wish to honour your short time living on this earth and your legacy (fitting in will never get you remembered, as you then never stand out) left behind when you die, even the little things matter.

People should be afforded the right to live by their standards without being side-lined or isolated by the many followers of the norm. Respecting people’s right to choose is the crux of many of society’s problem, for another blog, and it begins with us as individuals. 

I have said my piece on the matter.

Until then: express yourself and as long as you do not infringe on anyone else’s rights/ stsndards purposefully, continue to do you!


Elijah : the Middle Man

Things take a different turn today:
I delve into one of my favourite movies; and of course it is a series.
The Originals.
I zero in on Elijah, the eldest of the Mikaelsons. The calm, patient, altruistic,do-gooder sibling.
I dub Elijah the middle man because he is the grounds where all conflicts face off. He is the wrestling ring, the battlefield, the courtroom and jury.
No battle is won, ally is made or war subsided without his input and reinforcement.
He is not quick-tempered like Klaus or overly sensitive like Rebbekah.
His character highlights to man who is capable of most things, unbeknownst to many,because he hides them so well.
His shield firmly in place. This is intimidating to many or most; but alluring, seductive and addictive to the one with the right weapons to crack it.
Not sure exactly what would crack it; he is not a plain and simple character what we may overlook is essential to him, rather than what he plays up.