Elijah : the Middle Man

Things take a different turn today:
I delve into one of my favourite movies; and of course it is a series.
The Originals.
I zero in on Elijah, the eldest of the Mikaelsons. The calm, patient, altruistic,do-gooder sibling.
I dub Elijah the middle man because he is the grounds where all conflicts face off. He is the wrestling ring, the battlefield, the courtroom and jury.
No battle is won, ally is made or war subsided without his input and reinforcement.
He is not quick-tempered like Klaus or overly sensitive like Rebbekah.
His character highlights to man who is capable of most things, unbeknownst to many,because he hides them so well.
His shield firmly in place. This is intimidating to many or most; but alluring, seductive and addictive to the one with the right weapons to crack it.
Not sure exactly what would crack it; he is not a plain and simple character what we may overlook is essential to him, rather than what he plays up.