International Women’s Day: 1 Day wonder?

Every year this time in Jamaica, we claim to celebrate women by doing more to include them in national decisions,  making sure they get equal pay, as well as protect the various rights for them that are violated every single day. I am merely highlighting those areas on this day, that I would like the... Continue Reading →



Everyday you hear of a different kind of warning; where citizens are urged to be wary: be wary of non-licensed taxi drivers, be wary of bike robbers, be wary of scammers, rapists; and worst of all- be wary of the police, the figure of authority, whose presence should make you feel safe, you are supposed... Continue Reading →

Personal Standards

Everyone has their own sets of beliefs for different aspects of their lives. How they conduct their intimate affairs, their professional life as well as their social life. Different rules apply depending on the area of focus. And whatever standards people set for themselves should be respected as such, and the people around them exist... Continue Reading →

Living in a Depressed State…

1. Why are there so many more young people, expressing thoughts of suicide at least once in their lives?  2. Does this mean we will have a greater population of unsound minds on our public streets, an endangerment to themselves and others ? Yes, as a young person I have pondered on the above questions,... Continue Reading →

Not Afraid: 2

At some point in life; one finds themselves utterly and completely alone; by purposeful isolation. But it also usually comes at a point when important decisions are to be made for one's lives. The reality though, is that since no one else can make those decisions other than oneself, and whilst tacklinf sais decisions, which... Continue Reading →

The Way I am……

It is important to accept who I am- flaws and all. This means there will never be that time when anything you tell me about myself (based on what tou think you knoq about me) surprises or offends me. Trust me; you do not know nearly enough about my heart and its hopes and intentions;... Continue Reading →

Cleaning out my Closet

Cleaning the closet has to start with you and be something you want to do. Cleaning your closet is for your benefit: to expose your deepest fears, pain and insecurities to yourself, admit  them then own them; and to claim  your mistakes and faults. It's for you to dig up old talents and knacks that... Continue Reading →

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