Modern Day Terrorism: Who runs Jamaica’s Night-life?

Having recently watched a video on the pains and many infringes of human rights of many born in North Korea, I heaved a sigh of relief to have been born in Jamaica. The tearful speaker is about my age, and her comment ‘one should not be victimised because of where they were born’ stuck with me.

Mark you: I have just since prayed/ spoken to God before relaxing into pre-RM mode: half awake, half seeking sleep, when it happened. In the dead of night, for no explicable reason, I heard enough gunshots to have warranted a mini war. My question is ‘for/ over what?!’ For one who lives and functions in day time Jamaica, night for me, is for sleep. But no, the gunshots shot my eyes wide open, as they sounded as though in my backyard. Whilst saying some more words to God in my heart (in case they be my last) I couldn’t help but feel outraged.

Where are these people getting guns that Jamaica does not make? They sounded high power enough rather than hand-made and again I questioned to what end? If I as a Daywalker (I am going to adapt that term for this piece’s purposes) have no part or knowledge of what goes on in hours presumed for sleep; then who does? Someone has to!!! And what of those who live closer to these thugs and are even more frightened the any given night may be their last? Who funds these thugs getting these guns and why aren’t we as citizens helping authorities more to confiscate these guns? Do you know how traumatic it is to be startled awake by a machine that was not made for animals or aliens in the first place?  #SighOfFrustration

What’s worst: criminals know of the fear incited by guns, which got me thinking, this is how they subdue those around them from ‘squealing‘ to the authorities. Everywhere in Jamaica should be safe, not just some places. Not only some sections of Kingston and St. Andrew should be heavily protected whilst other areas are left to fend for themselves. It portends that those heavily protected control these Nightwalkers (opposite profession to Daywalker) and even fund / encourage their activities. How do you ensure that killers don’t visit your neighbourhood, huh? How do you keep them distracted so they forget to come after you? Whomever you are, know this, a true Psychopath has no friends.

Back to the narrative at the beginning: Jamaica is not much different from North Korea, it is just that whomever dictates Jamaica’s nightlife is heavily guarded and immune from the horrors that they could very well be strengthening. No amount of assistance can stop crime, if each citizen negates their duty to make the country safe for everyone, cowers and just seems to protect their own heads/asses. If citizens had joined efforts and stayed committed to them; criminals would either have no power, or they would concede to kill every last one of the just citizens. And when we are all dead, they kill each other. But no one wants to put their heads on the block. 

And yes I am saddened and enraged that mothers and girlfriends relinquish their power to these thugs, sweethearts, somehow or another, you will get caught in the cross fire, wouldn’t you rather it be for a worthy cause at day’s end? 

And my charismatic, youthful and ambitious Prime Minister has lost lustre in my eyes, when Security budget was cut: What the budget-nation is that about? Eerrm, you can be blase about the crime situation because perhaps you have never been threatened by the sound of gunshots, repeatedly and on an escalating scale. But by cutting Security budget; you are telling citizens you don’t care if they get a good night’s rest, (even if they have to be up early in the morning; to go to a job that barely pays the bills and they have little coverage or protection). Come on man, wake up!!! All of us!!! People’s lives are more precious than money and power, or whatever else attracts the nightlife. I am utterly disappointed in all governments, for failure to prioritise everything but citizens livelihoods and I am equally disappointed in my fellow men for giving into these thugs. Thugs who push their thumbs up against the government in clear contest: let’s see who really runs this country. P.s. the thugs are ahead in this contest and that is more than disheartening for citizens who have a sense of service to country.

Either way, I am sick of hearing gunshots, and it matters not where you go (nor should it matter so). I look forward to formulating an answer to everyone who tells me otherwise. This must stop!!! Government and citizens must work alike, without rest for this to stop. So like the girl in that video, I have tears on my heart for a country being laid to waste that we were given to share and enjoy.


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