Double Standard much?

I have learnt the hard way, that humans all have one thing in common; the instinctiveness to placing any blame or responsibility on anyone but themselves, even as they are the instigators to conflict and various forms of abuse. In this century,  we have mastered the art of construing any event, turning it to our favour, thus making us out to seem to be the victims or the heroes (heroines), dependent on the story being told.

The world is filled with people who adapt a standard for themselves as they feel entitled to it, and do not have the conscience to extend this feeling to anyone else. Moreover, they wilk castigate, if they are then looking out for their sole interest. How can there be equality (or how can you preach it) when you only speak it yet expect that extra treatment that sets you above others?

It is this lack of accountability and attitude of entitlement that makes us daily infringe on others, on their beliefs, their opinions, their confidence and their very sense of worth, whilst vehemently declaring and defending our own, to our last dying breath. Pity that fiercensss could have been harnessed for good, but we are seduced more by the gain from selfishness and our own survival, we are consummate hypocrites, then wonder how it is that we have ended up in hell??? I certainly won’t be questioning.

Nowadays,  someone steps on your toe and you hear that it was indeed your fault to have placed your foot in their way (simply put, they should not have to watch where they are going at all). They disrespect and insult you, and it is at that point you discover that it is something about you that you need to change so as to resist triggering their fuse (no responsibility whatsoever, is claimed for the words coming from their mouth) that unfortunately for you, has no filter. Of course, in the case where the perpetuator is in a senior position, they do not see any concern in being unable to communicate with you without using insults, affronts, insinuations and defensiveness. In an ideal world, it says more about their poor communication,  interpersonal skills and restraint than it says about your implied stupidity and efficacy. But this is not an ideal world.

People will be unapologetic about the way they are; their beliefs, dislikes a s opinions (twisted to their for, no less) and expect to force you to swallow yours or bend them to suit their comfort and ego. You understand their position, they interpret as acceptance (forcefully acquired, or otherwise), because you have an open minded and essentially you are respectful, but heaven forbid you have a different opnion on the matter now or later. Never mind that their opinion changes with the tide, who is listening to you anyways? Understanding and acceptance must supercede agreement, it is pride that makes us want to usurp others opinions and personal space.

You will then hear them lambaste someone else they believe to be callous and disrespectful and you would wonder if they have an alter ego. What they rebuke with their lips, is the same crime they commit with their lips and their treacherous actions. 

Also, I find that persons who always have an opinion or take on every single matter, despite the change in circumstances  (and how it benefits them at the time) are dangerous people who will hang you out to dry as long as it means saving their face and their asses.

To make the above simpler: how often is it said that positions and titles should not/ do not matter, that we are all human and should be treated equally. These are the same persons  who become offended when they do not receive the exemplary service afforded to them and barred from the lower man. You hear that public servants are to serve the country and it is the people that have had to reverence time and again for these people to do their jobs, that their swore to do in humility and without reward. If so, then it means that the opposite of this action would be a corruption-free world.

Young people are told to follow their dreams and passions, yet when they do, they risk the labelling of not being a civil minded youth (unless they find a way to do both). You will hear that the managers of the company should be available at all times to groom the youth, all in the name of business continuity,  yet they are the first to castigate the innocent mistakes,  though their tongue may say, “I  know what it was like to be young in the workplace and feeling like a fish out of water”. Now they are older and in a more powerful position, they see it for to sentence another to that same fate , to carry on a vicious cycle.

I believe young people are exceptionally creative, and sometimes when this creativity is shown as they venture out on their own, at an early age, one can’t blame them. That creativity and uniqueness is not welcomed,  acknowledged or even rewarded in the work place.Of course, if you ask for praise, you hear that ‘ you should not work for praise’ then in another setting, you hear ‘encouragement sweetens labor’. How better to encourage and induce further effort on a worker’s part than positive praise? Smh

And of course, in all of this, the managers take no responsibility for how the young view the professional space. Despite treating the young as they are: impressionable. Which they are, but who impressed up on them the behaviors they have adapted? I guess this is what they mean when advertising job openings, willing to adapt to changing environments. You go and do as you see they do, though what they say, is quite contrasting. You will be asked to give account for your actions, that you have adapted, but who is stemming the problem at the root? Apparently, the corporate world is rigged with selfishness, politics, abuse of power and a whole lot of fine print, that unless you are I the upper echelon; you are not privileged and disadvataged. Meant to learn the hard way.

I could go on and on about hypocrisy (even in my own life); but like I said in each of us’ story, we are the victims, victors (,at any cost), heroes and saviours ( at any cost).



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