Listening to “I’d Give Anything” by Gerald Levert

I know the more mature may wonder how come I know this song.  Let me inform you, I look 22 and my mother is certain that she gave birth to me only 22 years ago; however, I am way much older in most things. I feel so ancient sometimes it is not funny.(Ha Ha)

I heard this song many years ago and as I always tell people, I remember best through emotions; that is how experiences are stored and through them it all comes back to me. I remember listening this song and remember just feeling the longing and loneliness that this man must have been himself feeling, to be able to sing like this. Many years ago I say and there are times when I know deep down that I know some deep, vintage and soulful love music and they just don’t come back to me, regardless of how I frustrate myself trying to remember.

This song came back to me in the dark of the night, alone with my thoughts and fears. I just found myself thinkingI’d give Anything and Everything…..” and without finishing the statement or thought, the words of the song came back to me.

What really happened was, I apparently needed to be in a place where despite the fact that I don’t have much, I feel with all of me, that “I would give Anything and Everything….”. So, unlike Gerard, it is not necessarily to fall in love (that was what he wanted); but we both wanted something bad enough that we just reached that place, where after we have stripped ourselves down barest, we finally admit that we want something so bad and desperately that “We would give Anything and Everything.” 

Again, what Gerard and I want are two separate things, but I know finally now and first hand how he must have felt those years ago when I heard his song:

“….just this one time”  was Gerard’s cry because he knew that what he needed, he only had to get it once and for the full experience that he is waiting on, one time would be enough.

I remember being so young and knowing nothing about love or wanting anything that badly (except, for more books and pencils and more room to put all this!!!) and yet when I heard this song, it reached out and grabbed me and I would be immediately saddened, tearful even, that this man would want so much. I would think to myself if it is indeed a good thing after all to want something that bad and me being young and naive went as far as prayed that he actually fell in love.

Did that happen, though??? 

Aaahhhh…… I am thinking about this part and for what I found myself yearning for, one time would not nearly be enough. I was thinking maybe along the lines of “just for a couple lifetimes…” (This does not fit the song’s tune, so I will take a well given hint and stick to my day job… for certainly I would starve before long if I were to try making lyrics…… maybe).

Jessica Simpson’s lyrics from “I wanna love you forever” would be more suitable for me, “ten thousands lifetimes together, is it so much for you to do?” just about sums up my expectations where the time factor is concerned.

I know that if both Gerald and I both get what we want, not the entire song, but the part of S Club 7’s lyrics that says, “I never had a dream come true till the day that I found you…..”  would befit our mood. Just that part.

These three artistes need to do a song. That is a joke!!!

I don’t think I could handle it, especially in my advanced years.

But I am, like Gerard, beseeching and crooning (well me trying and just embarrassing myself) that “I’d give Anything and Everything….”

So many songs and so much meaning.
So many songs and so much meaning.



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