Happy Birthday MOTHER

Today, 40 years ago, a tower of strength was born. A matriarch with a kind soul and ready hand to help.
An overcomer, soldier and fighter who is determined to not be nervous about the adversity around them. A woman of strength that can only come from giving love freely, a perfect example that loves strengthens and love protects what’s theirs.
A lover of humanity who lobbies for justice and equality in all dealings.
Non-judgemental and trust-worthy.
My mother is a super woman. The only mother for me. My love for her surpasses total dependence from the womb, it evolved into the love that Christ tells us to have; laying down your life for another.
Mommy, we are living proof that despite personalities and differences, we are both wired to love each other. It is our default existence; all else can be stripped away and our love flourishes anew.
I love you more than can be put into words and it is infinitesimal.
It is in my DNA, my bone marrow and all that I am to love you.
Each year, on this day, it is reaffirmed that God loves me, as he has not taken you from me.
Mrs. Gordon, you are a blessing to many, an anchor to others and a source of joy and happiness to all.

“We’ve only just begun, our relationship is not over. We got a lot of love left to give and many more years left to live.”


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