My first night with the Society.

I would like to use this forum to congratulate the Poetry Society of Jamaica, for being an indelible impression on minds, both young and of age, that poetry is an art and too should be expressed freely. Also, to welcome and appreciate this expression and every as each is unique to the «#wordsmith», to borrow a phrase from the M.C. for the night.

I was impressed by the turn out and confidence with which each poet delivered their words, bred of whether it be pride, hurt, hate, anger, speculation, humor or even satire.
My general take is that all poetry is born of emotions, experience and the person; no two poems will or should ever be the same. As such, all work is appreciated and if not, should, if for no other reason than the poet giving of themselves in the way they know how to.

There is no right or wrong way to construct a poem. I agree and endorse that in order for it to flow linguistics must be exercised with the intent to impress and dependent on your audience, this takes many forms. There is no set way to do so.
Poetry was often regarded as a form of art hat rebels yet impacts. How would it be that this is constructed in rebellion only to conform to rules that limits visions and potential.

Let us be more concerned with:
Did I see the writer’s point?
Can I relate to his experience?
Can he trust me to appreciate what he had laboured to create?

Barring which, the experience enriched my soul, gave it astounding relieve and I would do it again.

I see a family of diverse members sharing a passion that should over rule any difference and conflict.
That is not an easy feat.
Again kudos to the Poetry Society of Jamaica.




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