Reading Lovers by Judith Krantz

Never really stopped in my tracks down the book isle for this author. I did so recently, though, and not out of desperation. More so out of the usual anxiety that comes with trying something new, and the anticipation, even.
After all, it is a book. How bad can it be?
To say that I got more than I bargained for would be an understatement; I got way more than I bargained for.

Engaging and fresh. Fast paced yet not confusing. Just enough to take me out of my element a little; an extremely talented writer indeed.

Have not seen a clear conflict, however, other than power and maybe love that is. But every character has their own strengths and weaknesses and flair for drama. It would not be complete without the drama amidst complexities that make up the real lives of these characters.

I like Sasha Nevsky and what she is about. I mean, you accept her or leave her alone.
However, my resounding character is Victoria Frost, and boy does she do justice to the name. Ironically, by being completely warm and open she is cold blooded. Her attempt at ultimately being with the one person she thinks she deserves, is apparently going to become more attainable if she affords herself the luxury of any available member of the opposite sex.
Victoria is very focused and she changes her game plan if need be. Originally, I am sure she would not have thought to be with other men, she did in fact save herself for years. And yet, somewhere, in her plans it became obvious that such action would not guarantee her goal.
Apparently this one will and if not, she may have just had some fun along the way. You know, opening up a little and all, pun intended.

I find myself in love with Ben W… something. Totally adorable in his pursuits of Gigi. I would fall in love with him.
Skyjack me and take me to Venice. All yours…….

Funny entertaining read. Each time I read something new, I resolve to give it the same amount of fresh new inquisitive anticipatory attention; everytime.
It intensifies the experience of reading.

And of course, it is funny.
On a serious note, I had to draw for myself my dictionary. Quite a few times. So kudos to Krantz for that.
The fact that the book was written so long ago and I am raving as though it is the hit of this century is the reason I love reading. It never goes out of style.

Onto a Debbie Macomber next.
And as usual, I will continue with my few thoughts on the books as I read them, or have ever read them.
I appear to feel more comfortable doing so than talk about other things that are just as burning as this excitement I feel when I get new books.

On a signing out note, I plan to start my own book collection in the short term. Naturally I look forward to the experience.


Reading Lovers by Judith Krantz

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2 thoughts on “Reading Lovers by Judith Krantz

Add yours

    1. If you mean to write my own novel and many more after; so am I.
      I admit, like Victoria in the novel, I have had to revise my strategies time and again.
      However, never done so without having fun and causing ripples.
      Hence, the birth of this blog.

      Thank you for liking my post, and my own extended welcome to you to the blogging community.


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