Reading Fifty Shades Darker by E L James

Read fifty shades darker at least twice, and the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Christian is the consummate mate.
I simply cannot understand the reason one would stop at the first in the trilogy and still draw immature conclusions. You just have to go through all three to get a clear picture.

OK, in the second of the trilogy, Christian takes control (or the need to have it) to another level. Buying the company that Anna works for and all that fancy stuff.
In other news, which I think was even more climatic, is the resurgence of his ex-sub (apparently for which there is a club). I honestly just believe she was missing something familiar in her life after all the loss she went through. I also, sincerely believe that she genuinely wanted to see who the female was that captured Christian’s heart; they all attributed none to him.
Let’s just be clear, I am not particularly preoccupied with the lead female, by any kind measures.

I am more concerned with Christian that has the need for control yet all the while wondering if any will ever want him as completely. This I can adapt to dealing with in a lover; not one that is over confident and believes he should have it all.
Christian does not share his Anna and she does not share him either. I am, myself, not too keen on sharing either; certainly not on this level. But you get hooked nonetheless, because you think you have what it takes to change a person.

So, for Christian and Anna, they both don’t believe they will ever be enough for each other, and that is the epitome of their love.
A love like that will survive.
What will not survive, is where two individuals both think they are too much for each other only ( so they share and/ or with hold parts of themselves from each other). This love could be just as strong; but will never last long if only this is the intent, with no thought of compromise in the future. Or simply, letting go. Bottom line, choosing the lesser evil, out of an extremely tenuous situation.

I am still waiting for my Christian and yes, I have to be able to relate to the (even in a far stretched way) for me to really enjoy it.

And while I enjoyed the gall of Christian (and I be like “seriously?”), I am left void because this is only possible in the literary realm.


Reading Fifty Shades Darker by E L James

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