Coming out of my hiatus

It may have been observed that it has been quite some time that I have not blogged. And there is a part of me, that feels guilty that I have sentenced this blog to abandonment. I, however, choose another word to describe the period.
I shall heretofore, refer to it as hiatus.
It was an interruption to my blog, but it provided insight on things. Giving me endless material to blog about.
It was not altogether a painful hiatus, where I couldn’t blog any at all. It’s just that there were days when the thoughts came and I put them to paper, and there they remained. It all happened for a reason, and a season, as is obvious.
I remember commenting sometime ago that I have to feel every word that I write; so, it is truthful to say I have spent those two months, two weeks and one day to today, yes I counted, simply feeling.
And man did I feel.
From hopelessness to hopefulness and back. A certain spark at the beginning of a romance, and a certain bitterness of said romance when it goes sour. All that wrapped up in daily living, and I was pretty much, busy.
Exhausted, too, when you think about it. At times, there seemed to be no reason for it. And I would feel like this until I summoned the courage to put them on paper.
Pure act of bravery I tell you, as some thoughts are easy for me to brave on paper, while there are others, with which I still tread and write about, cautiously.
And yes, I did write during this time; more than 3 poems were created throughout this hiatus. I was busy feeling and I grabbed some of the stronger emotions and was able to pen them.  And as all of my writing, I said so much in these works, and yet so much more needs to be said.
Will eventually get to the ‘done’ part.
The best part of all of this is realizing that all that is felt can be put into words for all to read.
During the period of hiatus, I also, worked on rationalizing the benefits of being less possessive of my work. Many authors would know this feeling, if especially like me, whose writing also paves the path to self redemption.
It is in fact the reason I was created: to feel and experience and then write about it.
My life was simplified during this time, amidst all the hustle and bustle. It became clear, that which I must do.
So, now I will, subsequently, let go of them, one by one. Every poem, every thought or contemplation will finally make their way to the center stage.
I trust all that feeling I felt will continue to guide me, propelling the display of such work.
We shall see how brave I really became.


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