Writing Heals : the Inspiration written

I remember making the same point some time ago that Writing heals me in ways it takes great insight to see; and in ways that only others who write to survive would understand. It’s worth mentioning again.
Here’s how it is for me:

When I look at my journal entries, I am surprised, shocked and in awe as to the potency of the emotions that are hurled at me (the reader). With words powerful enough to make me feel sorry for the traitor that did whatever they did to me. Yeah I was surprised at myself. I vented, but also,I was objective and unbiased and I never fail to reach a resolution. I always end my entries that way; with some planned course of action to ensure the same mistake is not made. But sometimes, I do ignore the logic reasoning or any gut feeling that I may have regarding the matter.  And it gives me closure.

Then I read a blog entry with the blogger elaborating on “my” experiences. It’s as though she were in my head. I had to read it more than once to ensure I read correctly. It was inexplicable, the feeling that how she could describe feelings and thoughts similar to mine. It was uncanny, almost as though we had some dialogue on the matter.
And we were on the same page. Writing grows you, matures you and heals you.

Hence, the purpose of this blog, so as to encourage anyone who loves to read and more-so write. It is simple: writing develops your linguistic and communication skills(and vice versa) and then writing heals. When I am lonely and can’t write, I read my previous works. It brings comfort and reassurance to me, when it’s needed the most; especially when I am proud of the words that have done the intended.

Not that I pat me on the shoulder or anything :))))

It’s when I am most mature yet creative (depending on objective) and despite all that I feel, I see a different side of me on paper. A side that you would have to read my work to see. It’s when I feel most beautiful; through my words.
When I’m down in the trenches, throw me anything of mine own hand and I will rise feeling confident again. Not ignoring my fears and insecurities, but just things, more material for me to write about. That motivates me.

Also, I often say ‘word of mouth’ means little, for it to be legal or effective, put it in black and white. Well, I use other color inks too.

So, even from this blog, I see a side of myself that is definitely attractive and I would love to get to know, winks.

I was inspired to add my two cents to the ‘Writing heals’ genre.

What’s your story?


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