Know Your Instincts

Your gut instincts are like that still voice that isn’t too loud, but the consistent one that never looses it’s tone;depending on the situation. The instincts are the same even after the situation has been resolved. Whether you learn the hard way or not. The time when your mind says “I told you so”; after you have suffered come on, be honest. You don’t talk to yourself like that???

I do, (ignore my instincts) and it has taken an unfortunate turn of events to let me really listen to my gut. Yeah, real unfortunate. The thing is, sometimes I think my instincts are too overprotective. So, as a human, I ignore them especially when I am bent on my own way. It’s like my instincts are the parents and I am the rebellious teenager. Go figure.

The gut feeling deep down can save lives, heartache and disappointment; even anger. All of which are counter productive.
Evaluate your instincts, so as to be sure they aren’t induced prejudiced thoughts. Go against them inn some cases ( if the situation isn’t life threatening); and play out the situation a different way. Make note of the variations and credibility of that instinct.

Take me for example, tacitly, I knew some relationships would sink or just aren’t productive; based on my values and what I had hoped to be mutually satisfying relationship. I stay the course nonetheless, invest my time, emotion and mental energy. Along the way, I ignore a few blow ups; passing them off as hazards of the occupation ( being ‘that’ friend).
Rude wake up call, I was in fantasy land and what I dreamt of would not be.

My instincts don’t pull the ‘ I told you so’ card all the time. They realize it wouldn’t incite any confidence in them. They coach slowly instead, giving me a chance to deduce they were right and at what I should have listened.

Are you like me? Wait until your burnt


you give your instinct a voice? Don’t berate yourself; think of how intrinsic your will to live goes; how far you would go for self- preservation. Thank your instincts today.


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