Why my Blog is important

If you had said to me decades ago that  I would openly express my thoughts through writing, especially blog, I would definitely scoff at you.

Now the reality is I have become more mature through my blog, whether or not it’s read. I write in codes, so even if something happens, I may personify myself and become a different character. This way I watch myself resolve a conflict that I may have in real life. I am in another world at this time.

When I come back to earth, I feel light and rejuvenated and ready to move on; especially confident that a realistic conflict has been resolved mystically – on cloud nine.

Don’t ask me to fabricate any more explanation. The truth is, I hold less grudge this way and I have forgiven and moved on. It must be as sometimes, I say to myself – ‘how did I process this grief, or that hurt’ so quickly? Was I even conscious???

Then unsuspectingly, sometime later, I will read my journal and realize the serious venting that I had put on them pages. Burning ’em up !!!!!!

Yeah, when I want to see myself outside myself in the most emotionally raw state, I hit up my journals. I have a lot of writing surfaces, because it has become natural for me to write when I cannot voice my thoughts, their origins unknown.

That’s the reason I write (blog).

It’s a jungle out there in the pages. Got to be careful.



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