Divergent: the Cilane way 

Divergent: the Cilane way

Too many thoughts.

I recently watched this box office movie and I have to constantly remind myself that I commissioned myself to explore the story line in relations to today’s society.
Not, however, spectate on the physical attributes of a rather fine character; one “FOUR”. The kind of attributes that might take me off on a tandem.

Divergent speaks about a society wherein, everyone is given described roles in order to function. Yes, I especially think even the faction less have a role to play. Without them the Dauntless, Erudites and Obligations etc would too be faction less.

Everyone was given a test and based on the results was placed in a faction. As straight forward as that sounds, at some point there was a choice that a person, with the correct resources to choose their faction. Knowing full well, their intended roles. Some, however, a select few were able to confuse the system and also, come out on top with their own faction.

Divergent, to me, means us not conforming to the quid-pro-quo of society that just might be brain wash. Not to be rebels but just to curve our own niche in which to comfortably exist.

I might be in a faction that is just brain wash; however, my self is the Divergent in me. My self is the one who sees and discerns outside of the conformities of this society. The open minded entity within me that calms my worries with the wisdom of nature and being true to oneself.

At some point, I would love the two to be on the same page. In Divergent, they did carve out a niche, their attempts failed when they tried to be accepted. They were downright refused. I am saying, our Divergent in s may be refused at some point. If there is no niche, one can create a niche for themselves.

Divergent is one complex movie, would stay here analyzing all day, and still not get it out. I have highlighted my Divergent side and we are in constant conversation.

Are you?

What do you think?



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