For better or worse: what we believe of ourselves will shape our lives.

This topic takes two folds; I will only focus on one right now. What do I mean?

I am talking about where the beliefs ingratiated in you since your first conscious thought of you as a separate entity; wields a power to make or break you. No one knows exactly when that moment of realization comes and no one has been able to control how you experience life at that point (which will shape your beliefs).

Children are not fooled, in fact they will refuse to belief in a tale unless they have some experience of similar nature; then they will believe but interpret in their own way. I am saying from the time I thought of who I was based on my experiences (even at a tender age) to this present moment decades later; I see the reasons psychologists stress the importance of prenatal and early childhood care. Not that I was not cared for; but those beliefs have somewhat destroyed me yet have been my protection, henceforth from those painful experiences.

If when I come into my first realization, I am met with hostility in my environment, pain, hunger, rejected.This is how I will have structured my belief system. I will believe that everyone is hostile, cruel, out to exploit and then reject me. Also, I would believe that I will never be able to fully satisfy my hunger and every person will have the power to hurt me; whether they intend to or not.

So, I will always be defensive because of the cloak of hostility that always seems to follow me; defensiveness will make me difficult to communicate with and be sensitive with. I will always be used to pain, so overtime, I may be referred to as sadistic in nature (which is when I force pain over and over again). I will be paranoid that one day, I will be on the brink of starving to death, so, I will always stock and horde food or starve myself (before this mystical hunger strike hits); whichever gives me more control. I might reserve myself to being a hermit or find myself in relationships that leave me feeling rejected overtime as it is the only feeling I am used to.

I would not embrace kindness, gentleness, love and fulfillment. They will be foreign to me.

All because of my belief system; especially if it has festered overtime as no attempt was made to deflect these feelings. Like a baby; who knows when it’s not getting enough attention, love or even milk. That baby grows to either be very demanding or not demanding at all. Their choice of response.

In today’s society, that means demanding or socially inept individuals ruled by their inadequacies and insecurities.

Your belief has the power to shape your life and it goes way beyond the earth being round or square and whether or not there is a GOD. So much more.

What are you believing today???



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