The Dark Cave (adopted from 2HelpfulGuys

The Dark Cave (adopted from 2HelpfulGuys)

The first score of my life was spent focusing on the little things; and as the Law of Accumulation states that they will add up. But not only are they adding up; they are wearing you down extracting what little life force you have (If you do not deal with them) until you have indeed become a Dark Carve.
That’s what I got from it.
I totally understand and I have my moments too when the little things build up; when I avoid them or don’t deal with them; as said earlier.

The thing is, I chose from a tender age to focus on little things, as the big things were too overwhelming and way beyond my realm of control. So, not all the time do the little things suck me dry; because I focus on them because I can control them.

Example: An overwhelming issue in my childhood was lack of stability; as we always moved about. That was a big issue that I couldn’t control , so I blocked it out and focused on what I could control and manipulate. Like how my room was set and where I put what. It’s this intense focus on little details that earned me the ‘picky’ and ‘miserable’ merits. It has to be my way because that is how I have control.

But I agree with these guys, I pride myself on the little things and if they are avoided they can become a big deal. So, perhaps,these people too, focus and become picky about the little things because bigger things are happening that they can’t control.



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