Be Careful what you wish for..

“Be careful what you wish for……….. you just might get it.”

Just might being the operative word. Depending on you whom you ask, the response might be equivalent to getting it fully or partly. What is certain is that if you get it, along will come the contingencies.

What does the rich man say when you ask him if he had wished for the wealth, fame, power and prestige of a successful business mogul? He will say he had wished it.Of course, overtime it was not just a wish or desire but something he worked for with hope to attain. Twenty or so years later; he finally got it; money in the bank,mansion overlooking the ocean, private jet and summer home.

<ya think am exaggerating?>

But it didn’t come alone. 

He got enemies, well wishers, nay -sayers, hypocrites and superficial associates who call themselves friends. Yup. He got that wish.

The point is when you wish, because your mind overtime becomes fixated on it; it might end up being your lifelong goal. What you don’t want is to wish and not focus on the details.

So, when you wish for the fancy car, mansion and beautiful wife; wish (and aspire to, just as you would your goal) for a faithful wife instead of just a wife. A home instead of just an empty house with too much space.Of course, you would have had your family and close friends; but overtime you were too focused on exactly what you told your mind what you wanted <and unfortunately, relationships were’t in it A career that fulfills you and not one that pays big, but you have to compromise your values on a daily basis or pretend. Please, do not leave these things out, make your wishes count. If you had three wishes you might wish for three separate items; if I had three wishes, I would describe each item functionally so i get a package.

I am a wisher, a dreamer whatever you want to call it. And yes, I sound overrated to myself when I say over and over again what I want (sometimes); but it’s not meaningless repetition but a mantra that reiterates what I am setting out to achieve.

Your mind respects what you wish and will condition itself to ensure you get it. So, it’s limitless. I don’t just say I want a house, I say I  desire a home that is safe and has history. So, my mind, would not make me be interested in an upper east apartment. I would more go for a side of a house (or a full one) whose previous owners had lived a happy life, did good and kind deeds and passed onto the bright side with smiles. Yeah, I go that far.

Perhaps, it happens to you, but then you look a t your choices and they don’t coincide with your wish; perhaps you didn’t repeat it often enough. Remember, wishes are metaphorical in this sense and they don’t appear out of thin air but you work for them. Years of blood, sweat, tears, swallowing of pride, humility whatever it would have been that you needed. Your life’s work.

Make your life’s work count. If you look at your life and you haven’t in the least bit made it count; you have merely been existing. A sad case it would be if the majority just existed; passing through.

Are you?



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