Are you really Barely- Getting-By?

You should be “barely-getting-by” if you want to be “more-than-getting- by”.

“Acknowledging the Good that you Already have in your Life is the Foundation for All Abundance…

Too many people today have a barely-get-by mentality, “Barely able to pay my bills, got an okay job, an okay marriage.” Friend, don’t settle there. 

– Mark Evans (Selah – Thinking for Change)

Had I not been one chasing after the change that is deluding me, this would have only served by kicking me when I am down.However, the Good thing is I can say that it really does not hurt to stop and identify the good things in my life, when I even think that I am barely-getting- by (which has different meanings for different people). I am a simple – complex individual. The simple side of me, is grateful once my basic needs are met and set in stone. To me, barely-getting-by is being worse than that. To ME. Lol. I will not, however, delve into the complex side.

Realistically,I fully get the barely-getting-by mentally. It is through barely-getting-by, that I can can truly evaluate myself and know my present state of mind. Like when I am suffering a depressive episode and be more in tuned with my emotions and what makes and drives me crazy. It’s a whole lot, believe me.

Or revealing characters of myself that have been hidden. It is through barely- getting-by that I learn to be kind and understanding and grateful to the help of others. Through barely-getting by I can be humble and open to correction and trust my intuition more. During this time, I have my most creative ideas and I seek to enjoy and perlong life. It never fails. I learn to accept and be grateful and working for a change to the better-side.

Barely-getting-by, if you truly pay attention, is to instil certain values in that will stay with us when we are More-than-getting by; at which point we should be comparable to perfection.

Which should be our destination. Though the difference in mentality distinguishes the two stages; one aim should remain the same. Thankfulness, Generosity, Humility and Love. These qualities cannot be mistaken.

Either way, let no stage of getting -by compromise these values. The human spirit is what is intuitive and sense the character behind your world- clothes; if your spirit is dead or hungry-to-be-fed, you will not see the true nature of a person.

My advice, time to think of why you have been stuck at barely-getting-by and what has it taught you. What character trait has it made more pronounced in you. Think on this, have a great weekend.




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