Cilane focuses on a true friend who has been jaded by the unloving man who didn’t return her affections.

She looks at herself in the mirror and takes stock of what she sees.

Sullen eyes from crying, body stretched with use and no personal regard to care.

What this abhorred portrait of herself she does not need a psychic to interpret what this really means

Is that by continuing along this road with this slow banter on herself, she will reach her destination: All Aboard All Bent and Broken Beyond Repair.

All her thoughts go back to the fateful day she laid eyes on this human, whose pride is in shutting people out with little regards and no remorse.

Her inner half had cautioned her then, but like the hormone driven and strong willed person she is;  the altruistic pursuit began.

Her approach was to be the one that with love she would enforce;

She came out with ‘HEARTBROKEN”  as her new bran.

She felt cheated and treated unfairly; as though she only received bad returns on her investment.

Investment of her time, love, care, concern and energy.

From the reservoir that she had sealed so long ago; now she is the testament

Of a tortured soul that had been cheated of her serenity.

What is so wrong with wanting companionship and sharing love with another?

The answer is simple, assess the individual and see the level of reciprocation of these feelings.

If it be not half way, then you needn’t bother

And you would have saved yourself an unpleasant encounter with such a cold being.

What happened to the loving and emotionally open young friend of mine?

She encountered a psychic vampire that sucked away at the last of her reserves.

His cold and detached attitude and callous remarks, if nothing else

Should have been a sign.

But, my friend, retained some blame for the hurt that she put herself through

Even with with the personal compromises and sacrifices that she had made.

Thinking that somewhere down the line an amorous emergence would arise of the new

And also, she was silly to think the beast that has hardened over the years; she could tame.

She now suffers from bitterness, hatred, vengeance and un-forgiveness

Existing in the shadow of her former self and an empty shell that knows no more the feeling of completion

She is acidic towards any show of advance and suspicious of any act of kindness and care

Sh knows exactly how she got here; what remains unknown is how she plans to move on.



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