I loved the vision our relationship could have made, but it didn’t go accordingly.
So instead of forcing an issue and risk more hurt, I am merely putting it behind me.

I must pause our relationship and evaluate its effectiveness.
Dealing with all my hurt in my own time.

How can I make you understand my efforts and pain, when yours are so clear?
How can I punish myself by staying away when I yearn to be near?

This is not an affair of the heart, merely a logical step I must take.
If a stable foundation and a name for myself I must make.

Do not think me cold, or that I am sacrifices us for me.
I am merely being strong now an coward later, accepting what must be.

I accept responsibilities for your share of pain because of my short-shortsightedness
Also, the reality that if we should evolve, the truth is I must.

I love you no less, only much more.
I will not blame, vindicate or victimize you any more.

Relationships go both ways.

As I come into my self, I might be the person you hoped.
If you meant the best for me all along and with my absence you have coped.

With all the love and hope in my heart.
I will not loose faith in us meeting again; we firs have to part.

Adopted. Those words, you can’t say but your actions show and deep in your heart; despite this twisted revolution, you will grow.



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