What does it Mean?

There she was, climbing the small hill; but it seems as though she was getting nowhere. Not passing the middle.

Why is she stuck in the middle, struggling to maintain her footing on a very soft ground, that threatens to cave in?

She looks at her companion who seems to be having the leisurely stroll. Surely, they can see her trepidation….

Or is it imagined.

She looks at the ground, fear overcoming her, strengthening her paranoia. Is it her imagination or does she feeling as though she is sinking.

She forced herself to study the earth. No, this is not quicksand. It is too rocky, the kind that coast the rural parishes.

In the blink of an eye, she saw something move. All this intent looking while trying to make steps forward was getting tiresome.

Will she ever reach the top of the hill?  Or will she forever, be stuck in this vast expanse of nothing surrounding her?

Again, she searched for her companion whistling away, apparently expecting her to be close behind. Dummy, just shout and let them hear you.

She cannot hear her own voice but she screams for what its worth.

Suddenly, the movement under her feet grabbed her attention and she was indeed sinking.

Oh My God !!! This can’t be happening.

Heart in her throat, she searched rampantly for something to hold onto.

All she found was sinking ground. The earth giving way around and nothing was there for her to hold on to.

She felt a movement surrounding her, pressing upon her.

As her face was on eye level with the ground, her entire encompassed by this soft moving earth; the ground before her burst open at the seams.

Out poured the most vile and despicable maggots around her, crawling toward her.

She tried her best to not to think of her heart that is racing with fear.

She didn’t see death. What she saw was torture and no escape.

Maggots. The entire earth was filled with the crawling things, in their un-majestic glory. Something she would appreciate had she been a troll.

She tried not to think of the revolting repulsion she felt in the pit of her stomach. This is the last thing she saw.

Her surrounded by the most filthy of creatures that she feared that will consume her. Her last conscious thought ………….

Where is my companion……..

Adopted from Co- Writer.




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