After lamenting on the distractions that have resurfaced at this pivotal time in life; it is fitting that the the author makes it clear wherein the true monster lies.

The comfort zone that has been the cause of unhappiness holds the key to unlocking  crippling fears that may just neutralize; in which case nothing is achieved. Talk about compromise; selfish persons compromise the most; especially when they have been made to feel guilty

Change does this, because it is through change that these machinations decided to resurface in an effort to thwart progress. Emotional and psychological progress. I have been depressed to a state of focusing on what reality implies for my mental health rather than what the strength of my mental capacity can do in real life.

These machinations must not win; in this war of the mind; one must recognize distraction for what it is and deal with it. My resolve has been: to face all my fears, one at a time. This may take my entire life but what is the Law of Accumulation for? Not just economics; well it might have been intended that way; but you know me……………

The realization that I have everything to loose does not discount the mount of fears that have build up overtime. Many things hang in the balance; I am pass the stage where I doubt my decision, I am at the stage where I have to conclude what I take with me into the new life and what I leave behind. I will take everything but somethings will just be on the last rung of the ladder.

I have to complete the task; luxury of time is not afforded for me to expound on how essential to sanity this change is.

Until next time….



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