COMING OUT OF THE WOODWORKS……change does that.

Change is inevitable, the sooner we learn that, the better. If we don’t change we can’t grow. It’s a concept I understand, accept and even embrace.
Some things however, will make me step back a bit and assess and reassess some more…..
In the comfort zone I create for myself, I know it makes me unhappy and yet I stay. It means I am making myself unhappy aren’t I???
So, a concept towards happiness I would embrace but it still does not prepare me for the forces that surface, determined to keep me in their clutches and enslave me; keeping me in my own personal hell.
Looking at them through a different pair of my own eyes, shows me that the change is essential to ME.
So why does do I feel as though I am hurrying a process that needs to simmer.
Gone is the urgency of doing what I intended – to escape, replaced is a crippling fear that I have disturbed a balance and everything will now topple over.
My mind is indecisive, which is just as dangerous as being complacent.


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