On September 18, 2014; a change was born. An integrated self was identified and emancipated from the inflicting bounds that same self had created. How can self create and destroy within the same  breath?

No more was this self dependent on anything external of them to survive and explore their full potential. Reading this one may think that this self has won the lotto, to never want again. There is more to life than money and this self just needs enough to feel secure. This self has planned for these eventualities in her not so clear future. She is still hopeful; not afraid.

The truth is this self has come into their reality and their potentials to make sure they acquire and do what it takes to keep what they have acquired. This self is now them first and everyone else after. The true giving of one’s self means you have to find that self before you give it away. How can you put everyone first all the time with no inclination as to what role you play??? What you end up with is a confused, inhibited and unhappy self.

This self was confused, until emancipation met them (at one score and one) and told them to do a paradigm shift. This self knows all the baggage will have to be sorted out, so they position themselves in a way to bring to light that positivity.

This self now recognizes the true persons that surround them; the ones that encourage self exploration and evolution and the ones that insist she remain in the role they have cut out for her. This self was and may always be a darned good actress.

As this self goes into the weekend, new and living life, as though it has just begun, they smile at the upcoming hurdles and have planned how to handle them.

Do the same; hone into your self this weekend and don’t stifle them. Think of the little things that make your self get cozy and purr with pleasure. Recognition of self is a powerful motivator.

This self will be here in many more blogs to come.




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