When continuing something new…. remember exactly how you started.


Lachesis is the one that measures and balances the thread that Klotho spins. In a way, she puts it into perspective with just enough time to make it what it will.

So, with new threads,one may encounter (as have I) a few stumbles in their way o newness and fresh starts. Finding that right apartment has been such an experience. It has been measured in (time) and to strike a balance and make of it what I WILL, I was given the wherewithal to go up to it.

In other words, it was perfect and within my price range. I just need to acquire it; which is where Lachesis comes in. Will it be Fatal (Atropos cuts this thread prematurely) or Destiny striking the right balance that will see me moving in the planned time.

See, after Klotho was spun the new idea in my head, she also put the logistics and whilst some logistics take time to work themselves out; I have second, third and fiftieth thoughts. My fears reincarnated.

“it would be a sick joke for me to go this far, invest this much grey cell (planning)and heightened anticipation; only to be deflated  by failure. In whatever shape or form). This kind of fear is what cripples action, despite the course and despite Lachesis lengthening the thread which provides opportunities; even after perceived failure.

Enough rambling, I am going along the thread, spinning out my own desired scenarios that have a continuity enviable by nature. Of course, Atropos and I would have to arrive at some agreement. I am sure she would not like to see the work of her sisters go in vain.


I am still spinning……………. Thanks for spinning with me.





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