When starting something new…. do what you like

I was once told no new beginning is easy and that the road will never be smooth. So, when it comes to new beginnings, guess who holds onto any hope of comfort during this time of upheaval; for dear life: moi.


Consider moving to a new place with complete strangers, finding a new/ second job or even ending a relationship(re-entering single hood). All have the potential of upheaval in some shape or form,eg. financial, emotional or psychological. Talk and intention about leaving comfort zones and surroundings can wreak havoc.

So,full of destitution, discomfort and emotional turmoil , I cling to my  favourite hobby after day-dreaming – reading books and just saying in what way it impacts me. I like to take refuge in some author’s world and hence,have the desire to be that for any out there, to continue the thread . I am reading the #Three Fates by Nora Roberts and I feel even I can pull from it. #Klotho, Lakhesis and Atropos in that order.

The characters are comforting and though there is no specific one with whom I relate I take the bits and pieces I manage to salvage. And using their mythology, I will endeavor to put some semblance of new beginning and order into my life.

I have spun the new thread. New beginnings starting today that I look forward to. And since, this is my first post, I can safely say I have begun. And just for beginning, I bet Klotho feels so proud.

Continue with  me through the three fates and what I take from it and put into my perspective. Then we will move on,together.

Yours sincerely,





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