It has been a while since my last post and I believe conceptualising is good and whilst I had curated my blog topics, I believe I need to live (any more than I already have?) something else in order to give life and credence to my posts. I am a writer, but one of my... Continue Reading →


As we continue to navigate this uncertain time, we must continue to assess ourselves so that we come out of this pandemic whole or at least a little better than when we went in. Now some levels of this #Hell are much more obvious than others. But there is a reason the further into hell... Continue Reading →


It's been a year of pivoting, for me at least. A year that promised that uncertainty could most certainly be perplexing as it is liberating. I won't lie, there are days when I ponder my very existence and other days I'm simply content with being able to breathe. Despite my traumatic experiences in the almost... Continue Reading →

#MillenialHouseHunting during COVID19

INTRO: Home ownership is a far reaching ambition and its pursuit, thus an arduous, almost untenable task for single mothers and single working professionals; particularly of the millennial generation and younger; which is where I fall, hence my focus in this article. In an economy like Jamaica‚Äôs, one married to social inequalities, it would have... Continue Reading →

A prevailing state of Lawlessness

A state of lawlessness means that there is no regard for the law, nor is there a culture that encourages regard for the law. Jamaica as it is now, at least how it has progressed for years, is a perfect example of the many behaviours that feed this plague, and an ineffective frontline in battling... Continue Reading →

The Workplace Exploitation Situation

INTRO: Work is something that, depending on the generation of your parents, was a must for you to have: you must go to school, incur college debt to graduate, to work for another man, hiding behind a company, to realise their dreams. If you happen to share their dream, then perfect, you are in the... Continue Reading →

No Rest for the wicked….

How do you feel about dreams: their origins etc? Personally, I'm conflicted, based on how active and real like my dreams can get. But I risk it all, every night, just for the sweet oblivion of sleep. I don't get enough of that sweet oblivion, but the little I get, is worth it. Basically: at... Continue Reading →

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